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"Leading supplier of premium quality of making machines of paper napkin, tissue converting, toilet roll, aluminium foil, paper core slicer & allied equipments. We are also dealing in KN95 Mask Making Machine, Ear Loop Welding Machine, KN95/N95 Mask Edge Welding Machine, KN95/N95 Mask Respirator Hole Punching Machine, KN95/N95 Mask Respirator Fixing Machine, Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Nose Clip Fitting Machine and also manufacturing of KN95 Face Masks. In the past years, we have been continuously improving our management systems to increase customers & quality assurance. Today we are happy to announce that we have been ISO 9001:2015."

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Paper Napkin Machine

Question 1: Dimesion of a machine ?
Answer 1: 15ft x 4.5ft x 6ft (L x W x H).

Question 2: Area Required for operation ?
Answer 2: 500 Sq Ft area is required for operation of a single machine.

Question 3: What size of a machine is suitable for startup ?
Answer 3: In Indian market demand of 30cm x 30cm napkin higher as compare to other sizes. So starting up a business with 30cm x 30cm is more suitable.

Question 4: Electric Comsumption per 8 hours ?
Answer 4: machine is running on two motor :-
1.5 HP AC motor & 2 HP DC motor
So power consumption in 8 hour is 24 Unit Approx machine.

Question 5: Skilled worker or ordinary worker require to operate a a machine ?
Answer 5:Skilled worker is require to operate a machine

Question 6: How much time is enough for ordinary worker to be trained ?
Answer 6: 2-3 week is enough for a ordinary worker to be trained.

Question 7: How much man power on single machine ?
Answer 7: 1 Operator & 2 helper on single machine.

Question 8: How much salary for skilled labour (operator)?
Answer 8: 12,000 – 15,000 (depend on experience of a worker).

Question 9: How much salary for a helper ?
Answer 9: 7,000-8,000/- for each helper.

Question 10: Installation charges or free ?
Answer 10: Installation of a machine is free but travelling expense of technician should be paid by a buyer.

Question 11: Any Special Electrification is required ?
Answer 11: No. machine can easily start working on single phase (220 V).

Question 12: Warranty Period ?
Answer 12: One year warranty.

Question 13: What is covered under warranty ?
Answer 13: All manufacturing parts are covered under warranty.

Question 14: After sale Service ?
Answer 14: Yes. After sale service is available.

Question 15: Maintainance is required or not ?
Answer 15: Yes, maintainance is required. (only oiling of gear box & Gears)

Question 16: What is the maintainance cost monthly ?
Answer 16: 500-1000 rs only.

Question 17: What spare parts to be kept ?
Answer 17: Slicer blades, Belts & drum Fingers.

Question 18: What is the cost of spare Parts ?
Answer 18: That depend on the size of a machine.

Question 19: Delivery period after Advance Payment ?
Answer 19: Machine will be delivered within 45-60 after the first advance payment.

Question 20: Machine on EMI ?
Answer 20: No. machine is not on EMI but buyer can take loan from bank. We will give proforma invoice to buyer to submit into the bank.

Question 21: Training for machine ?
Answer 21: We can provide operator for a machine.

Question 22: Does company will send technician at the time of installation ?
Answer 22: Yes.

Question 23: In how many days installation will be completed ?
Answer 23: 2-3 days.

Question 24: What thing should be kept ready at the time of arrival of machine ?
Answer 24: Soft paper & hard Paper, Ink , Flexo printing Plate & electric connection.

Question 25: Transportation insurance is neccessory or not ?
Answer 25: Yes.

Question 26: Vehicle size for the transportation ?
Answer 26: 14 ft vehicle for single machine & customer can also load 1 ton ofpaper in vehicle at the time of dispatch.

Question 27: Who will pay the transportation expense ?
Answer 27: Buyer has to pay the transportation expense.

Question 28: How much tax on a machine ?
Answer 28: 18 %.

Question 29: Mode of payment ?
Answer 29: NEFT / RTGS.

Question 30: How much advance at the time of giving the order ?
Answer 30: Buyer should pay 35 % advance payment at the time of giving the order.

Question 31: Support in case of emergency ?
Answer 31: We has technicians always ready for customer support.

Question 32: What is the life of a machine ?
Answer 32: 20-25 years or (depend how you operate the machine).

Question 33: Production capacity of a machine ?
Answer 33: 2,50,000/- to 2,75,000/- (8 hours).

Question 34: Safety option on machine is available or not ?
Answer 34: Yes. Emergency switch is available & machine is covered from both side for operator safety.

Question 35: From where I can buy a raw material ?
Answer 35: Raw material is easily available in every market. We also give the contact number of raw material supplier to our customer after the deal is matured.

Question 36: What type of raw material can use in a machine ?
Answer 36: Hard Paper, Soft paper & non woven.

Question 37: Is there any wastage of raw material ?
Answer 37: No, there is no wastage.

Question 38: Does your machine is viberationless ?
Answer 38: Yes, Machines has 10-12 legs & each leg has labeling Bolts which stop the viberation of a machine.

Question 39: Does your machine make sound ?
Answer 39: Machine is viberationless so it make very low sound.

Question 40: Is there any license required ?
Answer 40: No.

Question 41: Does you machine is gear box fitted ?
Answer 41: Yes, We use high quality gear box in a machine.

Question 42: Is there a paper break sensor in a machine ?
Answer 42: Yes.

Question 43: Does we can make different size of napkin in a single machine ?
Answer 43: No, but variation from one side of a napkin is possible for example in 30 x 30 napkin machine manufacturer can make 30x27 & 30x33.

Question 44: Raw material cost ?
Answer 44: 55rs – 90rs (depend on brand & quality).

Question 45: Is this business profitable ?
Answer 45: Yes, This business is profitable that’s why this this business is fastest growing business in India.

Question 46: Loan for this business is easily available ?
Answer 46: Yes, Government of india also support small scale industry.

Question 46: What type of loan & From where buyer can take a loan to starting up this business?
Answer 46: Pradhan mantri Mudra Yojna from any Govenrment bank.

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