Buy Paper Napkin Machine In India

"Leading supplier of premium quality of making machines of paper napkin, tissue converting, toilet roll, aluminium foil, paper core slicer & allied equipments. We are also dealing in KN95 Mask Making Machine, Ear Loop Welding Machine, KN95/N95 Mask Edge Welding Machine, KN95/N95 Mask Respirator Hole Punching Machine, KN95/N95 Mask Respirator Fixing Machine, Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Nose Clip Fitting Machine and also manufacturing of KN95 Face Masks. In the past years, we have been continuously improving our management systems to increase customers & quality assurance. Today we are happy to announce that we have been ISO 9001:2015."

KN95 Mask Making Machine

We at Lahooti Printech Pvt. Limited has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers and most trusted supplier of high-quality KN95 mask making machine in India. This affordable KN95 Mask Making Machine adopts Ultrasonic melting technique which can be operated by a single operator and the entire system is PLC controlled for ease of operation. This KN95 Mask making machine is completely automatic starting from the feeding stage until the cutting of the finished products. The KN95 Mask making machine is completely robust in its construction with complete anti-rust, durable, easy cleaning and neat features. The KN95 Mask making machine has a very simple built structure which is very easy in installation and requires very low maintenance.

Salient features of this KN95 Mask making machine are summarized as follows :

  1. Complete automatic system to consider the production efficiency and auto-control the process of production.
  2. As per the needs, the machine is equipped with frequency conversion control that automatically adjusts the operation speed of equipment according to the actual demand to meet the requisite supply.
  3. A very low requirement of operator control with a high degree of automation.
  4. Robust modular and humanized design with low maintenance.
  5. Equipment and components in the machine have high reliable stability, shock resistance, abrasion resistance and stable working performance.
  6. 6. We provide quality assurance to our customers regarding the various accessories and spare parts of the system machines which are produced with perfect precision technology and high-quality materials. Materials used in this KN95 Mask making machine are brand new and meet the quality and specifications required by this technology in all aspects.
KN95 Mask Making Machine