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COVID 19 Supplies and Face Mask Machinery

Growing Market of COVID 19 Supplies and Face Mask Machinery

COVID-19 pandemic has become a major threat to global health and the economy worldwide. Currently, the world is struggling to develop vaccines against the Coronavirus and multiple efforts are in progress to develop such a vaccine. However, this pandemic cannot be controlled by our governments alone. The Government at its best is trying to generate more and more COVID 19 supplies. However, it also needs the full participation and discipline of all the people of India and it also needs distinctive feasible measures that ordinary citizens need to adopt in their lifestyle to help reduce this transmission viz wearing their face masks regularly, sanitizing the area nearby and washing the external body parts whenever exposed. Government of India (GOI) has recently announced of India becoming self-reliant in every sector that aims to develop Make in India. Many Indian companies have emerged with this government backup in providing COVID 19 supplies like masks, face mask machine and accessories along with a different variety of masks produced indigenously.

Before understanding the role of masks in the spread of infection, it is important to understand the transmission dynamics of COVID-19 infection. Similar to various influenza and other respiratory infections being spread in past, this infection can be easily transmitted through droplets of different sizes, mostly 5-10 mm in diameter. Droplet transmission occurs when a person is in close contact (within 1 m) with someone who has respiratory symptoms (e.g., coughing, sneezing or even speaking), most commonly by inhalation. Most people think that wearing a mask is for self-protection, and that is partially true. But the main benefit of all people wearing masks is that in infected persons, the mask will help prevent these droplets from getting into the air and infecting others. They are thus very useful in reducing the spread of infection to others. Evidence has been mounting on the value of masks in reducing community spread. Wearing face masks therefore protects the user and also the others around his periphery. The use of face masks in social spaces is therefore likely to play a vital role in mitigating this disease spread. We feel that the use of face masks should become the utmost mandatory when people step out of their homes to any area where social distancing is not practical. This is a sustainable and an affordable intervention of wearing face masks which we need to adopt in a very disciplined way whenever we step out of the house.

With the Government motto of “Atma-nirbhar Bharat” under Make in India policy, Lahooti Printech Pvt Limited is the most trusted and reliable manufacturer as well as supplier of extremely high quality of COVID 19 Supplies including KN95 Mask making machine, Ear loop Welding machine, KN95/N95 Mask edge welding machine, KN95/N95 mask respirator hole punching machine, KN95/N95 mask respirator fixing machine, Ultrasonic welding machine, Nose clip fitting machine. Our years of proficiency & experience in this area of specialization makes us uniquely distinct among the companies in this industry. Being a customer-oriented and complete Indian company, we highly emphasize on excellence in our business operations and in our products like face mask making machines and associated accessories involved in these machines.