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KN95/N95 Mask EDGE Welding Machine

We at Lahooti Printech Pvt. Limited are delighted in presenting a wide range of affordable KN95/N95 Mask edge welding machine and associated accessories of the system. The indigenously built KN95/N95 Mask Edge welding machine is used to provide the mask shapes from the non-woven cloth, melt-blown fabric, activated carbon and filter material by edge welding into customized/predesigned shape automatically. The automatic KN95/N95 Mask edge welding machine is equipped with distinctive neat features and provides seamless welding.

The KN95/N95 Mask edge welding machine adopts ultrasonic welding technology where only one operator is required to operate the complete machine and the machine can weld the edges for 20-30 pieces per minute. The machine is provided with easy mechanical, electrical and electronic control systems that are very easy to operate and complete troubleshooting of the machine is very easy in case of breakdown. This machine is very efficient in welding the edges and is suitable in the production of KN95 masks, N95 masks, surgical masks, medical masks etc.

Salient features of this complete KN95/N95 Mask edge welding machine are summarized as follows:

  1. Product Name: KN95/N95 Mask Edge Welding Machine
  2. Automatic Grade: Semi Automatic
  3. Production Capacity: 15-20pcs/min
  4. Voltage: 220V
  5. Power: 2000W
  6. Pneumatic: Yes
  7. The KN95/N95 Mask edge welding machine utilizes an automatic rotating platform with automatic ultrasonic welding technology and automatic edge sealing of mask.
  8. Complete automation of the welding process with ultrasonic welding makes the entire machine with convenient operation and high yield rate with continuous production rates.
  9. The machine is provided with a positioning fixture that changes quickly to adapt to the production of various types of butterfly masks.